Marriage Advice – Why Not Love – Does Your Partner Still Like You?

Your Partner Still Like You. Why is it that we have no problem in front of my spouse/partner walking around our favorite sweatpants (with a hole in the knee) and our favorite threadbare t-shirt (with a rip in the sleeve), but if our friend co – Were activists on the way, would we change into something “civilized” in a hurry? Now I am not suggesting that we throw on our comfortable clothes (I love those sweats!), But I am suggesting that we see curious differences in how many people we try to like us, and how many of us – those relationships from have tried to stop the difficulties where our spouse/partner is concerned.

In front of our spouse/partner, we may be comfortable with “any old way”, because of the sense of comfort that we create for a while after knowing that other people, after feeling safe that they Love us, “warts and all.” It’s a good thing, and it should be celebrated. But let’s look at another reason that we can’t care so much about putting our best foot forward for our partner: we don’t think we need anymore.

Does Your Partner Still Like You? – Dating and Love

When you were dating for the first time, you didn’t know only about the desire for that special someone — you were aware of whether you liked him or not (and whether those feelings were returned). As such is a closely overlooked aspect of long-term romantic Relationships and the missing ingredient for many couples who report that they have “fallen out of love” with their partner or that they are in love with their partner, but They are no longer “in love”.

Like your friends you have no trouble making sure you want to hang out with you. Now how about maintaining your most important relationship, your intimate relationship?

Marriage Alert: When You Stop Liking Your Spouse

When a marriage advice/relationship gets distressed, it may feel like you still love your spouse or partner from but that you don’t “fall in love” with him or her. I have seen a pattern for some of these pairs that can be summarized:

While I can still love you, I’m pretty sure I don’t like you anymore. “

Coming out with your spouse/partner in this way can pose a significant challenge to your relationship. When you like someone, you want to be around that person and spend as much time with them as possible. And when you don’t like someone it’s the opposite.

Couples who no longer like each other:

  1. Avoid each other whenever possible;
  2. Experience more negative feelings when together;
  3. Be less tolerant of each other’s fears;
  4. Pull back emotionally and stop sharing the deepest parts of yourself with each other;
  5. You may feel trapped in marriage advice or a relationship.

Marriage Advice: Committed to Increasing Your Chances – Your Partner Still Like You

For many couples, it continues to function in ways that will survive as if not falling under the umbrella of commitment. It should change: After all, don’t you want your partner to like you?

For a moment, think about when you first start dating your spouse/partner from In this “wooing” phase, you probably worked with ways to create your new love-interest like yourself (with the goal of capturing his / her love). You understood the importance and power of your partner liking you.

Marriage Assistance: It is time to set up a maintenance prospecting plan.

Your plan should be to keep the probability factor alive and well. It is not a complicated, tedious process. In fact, the simpler, the better. To plan a personal prospect for your marriage advice or relationship, ask yourself the following:

What did you do at the beginning of the relationship that helped you woo your partner?

What does your partner say about you and is he still finding these symptoms? (If you are unsure about this, ask him/her).


Reflect on these questions – your responses will give you important information that can guide you. For example, if one of the things your partner was attracted to was your sense of humor (and in years of domesticity, it’s lost), you needed to bring the humor back into the relationship mix. It can take steps.

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