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Dating.com is an online dating platform that offers a unique approach to finding love and companionship. The site was launched in 1993 and has since become a popular destination for those looking to connect with singles from all over the world. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Dating com and how it can help you find your perfect match.

How Dating.com Works

Dating.com allows users to create a profile and start browsing through the site’s database of singles. Users can search for matches based on various criteria, such as age, location, and interests.

Once a user finds someone they’re interested in, they can send them a message and start a conversation. The site also offers a video chat feature, which allows users to see and hear each other in real-time and build a stronger connection.

Dating.com is an online dating platform that connects singles from all over the world. Here is how Dating.com works:

Sign Up Process

To start using Dating.com, users need to sign up by creating a profile. Users can sign up using their email address, Facebook account, or Google account. The sign-up process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

Profile Creation

Once users have signed up, they can create their profile by providing basic information such as their age, location, and interests. Users can also upload photos and write a bio to help other users get to know them better.

Search and Matching

Dating com offers advanced search filters that allow users to narrow down their search based on their preferences. Users can search for potential matches based on age, location, interests, and more. The platform also offers a matching algorithm that suggests potential matches based on the user’s preferences and behavior on the platform.


Dating.com offers various communication options to help users connect with their matches easily. These options include text chat, video chat, and email, making it easy to communicate with potential partners and get to know them better.

Safety and Security

Dating.com places a high emphasis on user safety and security. The platform uses advanced security measures to protect user information and ensure that all profiles are authentic. Users can also report suspicious activity or block users they do not wish to interact with.

Premium Features

Dating.com offers premium features for users who want to enhance their online dating experience. These features include unlimited communication options, advanced search filters, and the ability to view who has viewed your profile. The platform also offers a free trial period for new users to test out the features before committing to a paid plan.

Dating.com is an excellent platform for anyone looking to connect with singles from all over the world. With its advanced search filters, easy communication options, and high safety and security standards, users can easily find compatible partners and build meaningful relationships. Additionally, the platform’s premium features and free trial period make it a great choice for anyone looking for an enhanced online dating experience.

Another feature of Dating.com is its “DateMe” service. This service allows users to send a virtual date invitation to someone they’re interested in, complete with suggested activities and locations. This can be a fun and unique way to get to know someone and plan a virtual date.

The Benefits of Using Dating.com

One of the biggest benefits of using Dating.com is the site’s focus on connecting singles from all over the world. This can be especially helpful for those who may not have the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds in their everyday lives.

Additionally, Dating.com offers a range of features to help users find their perfect match. From the site’s search function to its video chat and virtual date features, users have access to everything they need to build a strong and meaningful relationship.

Another benefit of using Dating.com is the site’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its users. The site employs various measures to protect user data and prevent fraudulent activity, which can provide peace of mind for those using the platform.

Success Stories

Dating.com has helped many singles find love and companionship, with numerous success stories featured on the site. These stories highlight the site’s ability to connect people from all over the world and help them build meaningful relationships.

Dating.com is an online dating platform that has helped thousands of singles connect with compatible partners from all over the world. Here are some success stories from real users who have found love on Dating.com:

John and Maria

John, a 34-year-old from the US, joined Dating.com looking for a serious relationship. He was matched with Maria, a 30-year-old from Ukraine, and they hit it off right away. Despite the distance between them, John and Maria spent months talking and getting to know each other through text and video chat. Eventually, John decided to take the plunge and fly to Ukraine to meet Maria in person. They hit it off immediately, and after a few more visits, John proposed to Maria. They are now happily married and living together in the US.

Rachel and David

Rachel, a 28-year-old from Canada, had been single for a while and was ready to start dating again. She joined Dating.com and was matched with David, a 32-year-old from Australia. They hit it off right away and spent months talking and getting to know each other online. Rachel was hesitant to travel to Australia to meet David in person, but he was patient and understanding. Eventually, Rachel decided to take the leap, and their first meeting was everything they had hoped for. They have been together ever since and are now planning to move in together.

Sarah and Ahmed

Sarah, a 31-year-old from the UK, was looking for a partner who shared her values and beliefs. She joined Dating.com and was matched with Ahmed, a 35-year-old from Egypt. Despite the distance between them, Sarah and Ahmed quickly formed a deep connection based on their shared interests and values. They spent months talking and getting to know each other online, and eventually, Sarah decided to visit Ahmed in Egypt. They hit it off immediately and have been together ever since. They now travel between the UK and Egypt to be together and are planning to get married soon.

These success stories are just a few examples of the many couples who have found love on Dating.com. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just a casual fling, Dating.com offers a safe and easy way to connect with singles from all over the world. With its advanced matching algorithm, easy communication options, and high safety and security standards, Dating.com is a great choice for anyone looking to find their perfect match online.


Overall, Dating.com is a great option for those looking to connect with singles from all over the world. With its focus on safety and security, range of features, and commitment to helping users find their perfect match, the site offers everything you need to start building a strong and meaningful relationship. So why not give it a try and see who you can meet on Dating.com?

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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you are going to choose a free or paid dating service of a dating site. You first need to know a few things about the same. Thus, you shouldn’t forget to go through frequently asked questions. So, let’s check out a few FAQs of this dating site.

Can I enjoy live video chat or video calling at dating.com?

Of course, you can easily enjoy direct messaging, live chat and video call facility at dating.com website. But for this, you need to go with a paid premium dating service.

Do I need to pay a fixed charge as dating membership fee?

No, you don’t need to pay a fixed charge as a dating membership fee. Instead, you need to pay for dating service that you may use while dating online.

Can I find real profiles of men and women online for dating?

Dating.com is known for providing lots of profiles of real men and women online for dating.

How to recognize a fake dating profile?

Go through the profile, personal and other details of your chosen member online. You may also avoid going with a free member.


Website: https://www.dating com

Phone Number: +1 (888) 980-9770

Address: 589 8th Avenue New York,
NY, United States

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This site is a complete scam

This site is a complete scam. They put up local women and beautiful ladies. They keep asking guestions to keep you led on so you pay more money. These women are supposed to be local, but have absolutely no idea about anything in the town there supposed to live in. Don’t get suckered into the site. It’s a big Scam and should be investigated and criminal charges should be brought up against these scammers..

All fake profiles

All fake profiles, the girls you swipe appears multiple time, very limited profiles, Offers you to buy subscription to provide you extra profiles, Each and every Girl who msg me asking for money for providing adult stuff, Full of scammers, high data consumption

Don't sign up on this site.

I don’t get anyone close to the profile I entered and keep getting pop ups for more money. What a joke – same people over and over. Difficult site to navigate – no simple way to delete. No “Maybe” button – just Pass or Like. I wasted hard earned money for this as they will not give a refund if you are dissatisfied. Don’t sign up on this site.

Good luck on that fight

It costs you money for the subscription, BUT, once you are in it will cost separately to send a message to someone, it will cost to boost your profile, it will cost a fee for every little thing you want to do, that’s not right! And when you want to cancel and get your money back, good luck on that fight!

It was nothing but a time-waster

This website is some kind of dead end: you go round and round in circles, keep wasting your money and nothing ever happens. I ended this pointless ” journey” with no results when I decided that it was time to stop them from taking my money and giving nothing in return. This “service” was not helpful at all. It was nothing but a time-waster.

This site is a complete waste of money

Also would rate a 0 if possible. This site is a complete waste of money and by far the worst one I have ever been on. Matches are very limited and the ones that are sent are never ones I would be interested in. I have been on several other dating sites and had a much better experience.

Stay away from this site!

I would not recommend this site. I signed up for 3 months. Matches were often from way too distant locations and the suggestions did not correspond to my criteria. When I attempted to cancel my subscription before my renewal date I was informed I could not! Still awaiting resolution for this. Stay away from this site!

NO cancel subscription

The site is set up to ensure it is almost impossible to cancel your extortionate subscription. There is NO, yes NO cancel subscription button although the site says one exists.

Keep away

I went on this site for free. I did not sign up to any agreement. On looking on line there fee is $9.99 or thereabouts a month. For the last two months since I viewed their site they have deducted $99.00. I lodged a complaint with PayPal and they said I had a payment agreement wit B2. As far as I know I never agreed to any deductions let alone $99.00 a month. All I did was take up the free offer and have a look. Keep away from this site it is not safe if they can trick you like that. Also there should be stronger consumer protection against such people.

Don't use

Don’t use they will just Rob you blind and when you email them they just tell you nothing they can do don’t use unless you like spending money

Don't waste your money on this scam.

I hated to even give this site a one star. This is a total waste of money. When you get ready to cancel your subscription, you will get all kinds of “she’s into you” or “she likes you”, or “she wants to meet you”. When you reply, Absolutely no response back. I got more responses in the last few days of my subscription than I did the whole month. I’ve tried this site about 4 times in the last couple of years and have gotten nothing. My pics are all current and my story is true. This site is a joke. I started to wonder if some of this women are even real or are paid to keep their pics and stories on the site to entice men with BS. Don’t waste your money on this scam.

This is really disappointing

This is really disappointing. I feel for people getting caught in this trap. I just found this website where it was up the top. I feel they probably created this site as advertising as they are getting so many bad reviews. We need to do something about getting this to either up their game and do things fairly, or shut down. Because currently they are scammers.

Be careful

Be careful with subscription! Once you buy it, you cannot cancel, even if you see only a few matches that never change. They just wanna steal your money. It’s not worth it!

An absolute waste of time and money

To say the women on here are straight out rude is an understatement. Been on other sites and haven’t struck it. The matches are just horrible. I canceled after 2 days but unfortunately locked into 12 months. An absolute waste of time and money.

Overall its a great

Overall its a great means to find the perfect fit for you.

Okay site

Okay site. I’m not sure why everyone is so upset about having to pay. Some things online actually have to be paid for.

Completed money making scam

Lot of robot views not real people or old profile . Membership end , then suddenly get loads of messages & views , trying to get you to pay again , completed money making scam

Terrible site!

Terrible site! Full of creepy older men and I think the younger profiles are fake or belong to people who are no longer subscribed! Only signed up for one month and wish I hadn’t bothered. Save your money

Do not join its not worth the effort.

Do not join its not worth the effort.

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone

Definitely a quantity over quality kind of app. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I'm the happiest

After almost 12 mths of searching on here,- many coffee dates and chatting with potential partners, I almost gave up on love. After meeting many women and finding no spark between us, I was close to quitting and then I came across this lovely girl, who says, she looking for love! We exchanged messages and now we are inseparable, in love and committing to each other forever. I didn’t give up and now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

It was recommended to me

It was recommended to me as a dating site that should meet my needs, & it did. I met my partner on this site after having the opportunity to meet quite a few guys.

I highly recommend

This website was recommended to me by one of my friends. It was very easy to set up my account and I was shortly involved in in-depth conversations with a lady I met through ths site. I highly recommend

We are perfectly matched

In less than 3 days I found the love of my life! Thank you !!! We are perfectly matched. We have so much in common and attracted to each other inside and out!

Everything was great

Everything was great, very accessible.No problem signing up and being notified on views and messages great. Thank you

Clean site

Clean site and beautiful women here.I would recommend this site to anyone. Excellent site! Join if you are lonely.

They provides many helpful safety tips

They provides many helpful safety tips to ensure users have a pleasant experience and use good judgment while mingling online. These dating experts encourage users to always meet in public, go at their own pace, and trust their instincts.

Easy to use.

Easy to use. I found the woman of my dreams. We are so happy together. We do things together and we enjoy each other’s company.

I love this site

I love this site, the women are beautiful.They are easy to chat with, as well I love video chat that gives the full impression how the person looks like. Nice place to surf while at work.

It is not a scam

My girlfriend and I met a year ago on this site and we our now about to celebrate 10 months together. It has been the best thing to happen to me. Thank you

I am impressed

I am impressed with this site! Girls are real…I like the conversation. Cant find my one and only…but still dont give up on doing that! Thanks a lot!!!

Thank You for caring

This is the best and the most advised site I have ever joined. This is the first time I have ever felt safe to actually date on-line. Thank You for caring and being so careful.

Scam people

Scam people, guys are not who they say they are, just looking for booty call, quite a few of the profiles have guys with sunglasses or out of focus pics, or pets, very evasive, monosyllabic conversations.

Not worth it!

I was inundated with scam requests and decided it wasn’t worth it. I unsubscribed and deleted my account. They charged me the following month and didn’t delete my account. Not worth it!

I am just so disappointed

I am just so disappointed in their unprofessionalism.

Very disappointed.

I am new to the area that I live and trying to find people around me. Even though I continually try to make my range settings smaller and smaller it doesn’t change a thing. I still get people from hours away. Also, unless you pay for premium services they don’t show everyone in your area. Very disappointed.

Dating.com is the worst

Dating.com is the worst I have ever encountered! It’s glitchy, not user friendly at all, cheaply made and conducts false advertisement that it’s absolutely FREE to contact others, only to be told that you need to subscribe and PAY to even see who “winked” at you. No free messaging to others anywhere on the horizon! Can’t even just delete the profile without having to call an 888 number! Probably charge for that call as well. Good thing I still have my all inclusive, everything free cell phone plan. I’ll give them an ear full tomorrow!

This site blows balls

This site blows balls….you cant even read or reply to a message unless you pay

This is not a practical site for several reasons

This is not a practical site for several reasons. If you are looking for a better site, stay tuned for other social networking site that is similar to Dating.com but cheaper and with a better circle.

Full of fake profiles

Full of fake profiles and paid actors lol no genuine conversations or people on there at all lol!!! Just a scam to take money and lead you on !!! Not even realistic lol having ” supposed ” beautiful young women half my age like young enough to be my children messaging wanting to ” hook up ” when i even posted in profile only looking for mature women of similar age to my own lol outright ridiculous and shameful !!! Total scam guys go to POF guys at least those are real people on that site lol!!!!

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