Couple Psychotherapy: When the Relationship Needs Care!

Couple Psychotherapy Oh the passion! Feeling that promotes butterflies in the belly and sparkle in the eyes when encountering the loved one. Everything becomes lighter when you are in the company of those you chose to share life with. But, with the passing of experiences, it is natural for the couple to feel more comfortable to be who they really are.

When routine becomes present in relationships, passion makes room for a critical look at characteristics and behaviors that were not previously expressed and/or perceived. DilMil The relationship can suffer important impacts, and if you are not careful, it can lead to the end of a love story.

For a healthy Relationship to exist, it is necessary to share reflections, respect for differences in positioning and opinion. However, these reflections are not always possible to be carried out.

Demands like these are recurrent in a psychology office . But how can psychotherapy help? Shall we understand more about it?

What is Couple Psychotherapy?

Couple Psychotherapy  is one of the possibilities of action of Clinical Psychology . Sessions take place in an appropriate therapeutic setting , that is, in an environment free from external exposures and interruptions.

The consultations are conducted by a Psychologist with the aim of promoting interventions in an ethical. Confidential manner, without moral judgment. So that the couple can achieve. The desired answers to resolve the difficulties face in their lives together.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to start couple psychotherapy. Those involve do not necessarily need to officially married . A couple is understood to be all relationships, regardless of a formal union.

With a welcoming and impartial attitude, the professional’s role is to be the couple’s intermediary, expanding the possibilities of healthy dialogues, promoting reflections, helping to change old patterns of behavior that gave rise to conflicts, emphasizing respect and reciprocity in the face of positioning. of each.

Couple Psychotherapy When the Relationship Needs Care!

How does Couple Psychotherapy work?

The sessions take place weekly and last for 50 minutes. But it is worth mentioning that the weekly frequency can intensified. If this need is agree between the parties. When the underpinnings of conflict are identified. As intense and root for years, sessions may occur two or more times during the same week.

All meetings take place at the same time and on the same day of the week. Respecting these rules of psychotherapy is understood. As the first therapeutic exercise. Since most couples do not have the time. Habit or disposition to spend 50 minutes a week to talk. Reflect on the behaviors and feelings cause by the relationship.

Some professionals adopt the attitude of carrying out the first individual session, so that they can understand what is happening in the relationship as a whole, know the psychic dynamics of each one, as well as the individual demands in the face of the difficulties faced in the relationship. For example, it is common to observe. That some behaviors can seen as The center of the initial problem, but for the other part. This same behavior does not justify the couple’s crises .

Session Dynamics

Depending on the couple’s dynamics, the professional may also request individual sessions throughout the couple’s psychotherapy. For example, if one of the parties is dominant and does not allow the partner to speak, the professional may request an individual session, enriching the couple’s next session.

As in individual psychotherapy, couple psychotherapy demands active participation. It is worth mentioning that the desire for psychotherapy has to prevail for both. The topics address during psychotherapy. Are all those that refer to the relationship between the couple. That is, all issues mention, but only those relate to the initial complaint will  address.

More important than the weekly sessions are the couple’s reflections between sessions. It is common for the psychologist to suggest activities to be carried. Out throughout the week, these exercises may vary according to the couple’s demand. Some activities carried out in partnership. While others are suggest with the aim of individual reflection .

It is worth noting that the professional does not have the power to dictate. What each one should do, but rather exercise the importance of reflection between the couple. The therapist will always only be the facilitator and the couple responsible for choosing and executing behavior changes .

It is not possible to specify the exact number of sessions. That will be enough to resolve the initial complaints. It will depend mainly on the couple’s commitment to modifying patterns. That cause conflicts and understanding. The importance of improving the dynamics of coexistence.

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When to seek Couple Psychotherapy?

Disagreements and conflicts can happen to any couple. But when the frequency intensifies, causing discomfort, disrespect and communication becomes complicated or unfeasible. It is extremely important to take care of the relationship. That is, when the couple realizes that it is no longer possible to resolve conflicts. As a couple, it is important to consider starting the psychotherapy process.

However, couple psychotherapy can also be successful. When performed preventively , even before the onset of the crisis between the couple. Carrying out psychotherapy in a preventive way is to promote self -knowledge and wisdom to live with. The possible daily conflicts of the couple. Psychotherapy as prevention mainly helps to avoid hurts, resentments. Future symptoms of the couple and everyone involved in this dynamic.

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