This site only pissed me off

This site is the worst I have ever encountered. Any positive feedback must come from paid posters or owners of the company. I saw one article that put a positive spin on it saying that they don’t take…. More

zaciekzx - October 24, 2019

The same as everyone else is saying. Absolute waste of time, money and effort. And be prepared to have your feelings played around with and spat out. All this pathetic coins business to say you like s…. More

ferjunni66 - October 24, 2019
Use Other Site

I went on this site filled in all my info and at then end it said I had to pay to get cretin features. Also it did not find me the people I want to date. It keeps telling me they found me a perfect ma…. More

ragaccifeb7 - October 24, 2019
Worst dating site ever.

Worst dating site ever. Really horrible. No way to filter your results (e.g., location) and they don’t tell you about the coins until after you’ve signed up. The quality of people there is really real…. More

akikoululanier - October 24, 2019
Please don't waste your time

The truth about me is I won’t Subscribe so there is no point in liking me as there is no way to contact me via so Please don’t waste your time even though I’ve been on Okcupid for 10 years…. More

nkathib0 - October 24, 2019
What crock.

This is a horrible site. It doesn’t filter out options that are not within your range of preference, it doesn’t allow you to even see the person’s full profile unless you subscribe or purchase coins–…. More

apfelwegcb - October 24, 2019
Stay away!!!!!!!

Got great women, not real. Kinda pisses me off I paid
for this BS.

macachewalloum8 - October 24, 2019
I would not recommend emails you a list of photos on a regular basis and asks if you like the potential dates. They show the photo and the age, but not the location, so you have no real way of knowing whether yo…. More

sebebasfw - October 24, 2019

I tried it for a month and didn’t renew. I got an email telling me I was expired as I suspected for only having tried it for 1 month, and 2 weeks later they just charged my card for another month anyw…. More

empaludar5k - October 24, 2019
This is a horrible

This is a horrible and false advertising! The subscription price doesn’t even let you communicate with people you’re interested in and who are interested in you. You have to buy “coins.” DO NOT waste …. More

quejodidoeehhz7 - October 24, 2019
this is the worst site of all

Activation fee on top of subscription… they are a bunch of scam artists…. this is the worst site of all….

alipof0 - October 24, 2019
This site is so NOT worth it!

This site is so NOT worth it! They take unauthorized payments off of your account and when you call them they say no to a refund. Even if the account was taken down before the payment was taken. The p…. More

teschayh - October 24, 2019