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Amolatina is big scam

Same people ask you a lots of questions until you out of credit an buy more, I think they actually the employee of that site..

islachiloeln - September 25, 2019
Anastasiadate has a mixed between robot and real human

I think the website has a mixed between robot and real human. I ran out of credit yesterday, but didnt hv the time to renew it, but I did read the chat that came in my way …. then I realize that the…. More

crispi9n - September 25, 2019
Stay away from Arabiandate

Just another scam site. Stay away.

lekkums4 - September 25, 2019
Luckily I didnt lose so much money on russianbrides

Luckily I didnt lose so much money. First my profile was in English and I started to write to one of “girls”. It didnt go anywhere and I stopped after 5 paid letters. Then made my profile to see, if I…. More

aielliko - September 25, 2019
Full of fake profiles

Full of fake profiles and paid actors lol no genuine conversations or people on there at all lol!!! Just a scam to take money and lead you on !!! Not even realistic lol having ” supposed ” beautiful y…. More

dvigalvs - September 25, 2019
Chinalove kicked me of the site

I went to china to meet a girl, the translator lied to me, spent lots of money there. bought a ring, went in to some trouble when I got home, found out I was lied to. ask for my money back, and so the…. More

aranyonerg0 - September 25, 2019
Horrible - don’t waste your money!!

Horrible – don’t waste your money!!

kisa39193f - September 25, 2019
Okcupid is Fraud Website

I had a profile on there. My brother also had one. A woman sent me a very abusive email just out of the blue…and I mean very abusive. I responded in my usual smart-ass self (what do expect when a 72…. More

mariasilvaxi - September 25, 2019 is a horrible dating site

I went on match because I was told that it was very specific in its matching program and that I wouldn’t get matched with anyone that didn’t match my profile exactly and that people on there were seri…. More

nalarohydayhv - September 25, 2019 is Trap

I’ve currently paid for 1 month. I said that’s it if nothing comes of it so be it. I’ve had a few messages but then it goes dead!! I continuously get the same people looking at my profile and I have m…. More

e1a1bem - September 25, 2019

Victoria Hearts, Romance Tale, Latin Feels… SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. Scattered nonsensical conversation used to eat up credits (money). STAY AWAY FROM THESE SITES!!

arratemej - September 25, 2019
Never try Eharmony!

Never try this site!!! It is super expensive and they do not match you with appropriate matches.

daiginov0 - September 25, 2019