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Phone dating services by have taken the world by storm. With the invention of mobile phones, the popularity of these dating companies has vastly grown over a few years. If you search the web, you can see mobile phone companies that offer this type of service, not only in the US but also in other parts of the world like Europe, Australia and as far as Asia. While more people have relied on these services for their dating needs, some skeptics ask: do they really work?

These dating services are provided by A user is first made to register using a chat name. Then he makes his own profile. Your profile is then sent to a database that any registered member can access. By sending some keywords to a number, the mobile phone company sends you a list of names that fall within the criterion that you want. You can then send messages to these chat names, although you do not know their mobile numbers yet. After a few exchanges, you may want to give your mobile number and decide to meet in person. These dealings are now outside the scope of the services that the phone company provides.

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Phone Dating Services:

Phone dating services have come a long way since their introduction a decade ago. Back then, you’d see their ads on TV or the yellow pages, indicating the number to call. You will then call and leave a phone message. Others whom you may be interested in are going to listen to your message by dialing the same voice mailbox. If interested, he or she would also leave a message for you to retrieve. This is so much like email correspondence, except that you get to hear the voice this time. After a couple of exchanges, you will then decide if you’re going to meet and actually date.

This has led to the development of video dating services like, where video messages are made instead of ordinary phone messages. Through this, you are able to see the person instead of just hearing the voice.

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Phone dating is actually different from phone sex companies. For the latter, you’d be asked to dial a certain 1-900 number, and female operators are on standby to give you a good time by engaging in some sexy conversation. Here, there is no actual dating involved.

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Because of the popularity of these dating services, you can now start your own phone dating company by buying the software and some equipment at a low cost. But before you join any of these companies, know your options well. Look for companies that have been tried and proven to provide quality service.

Things may come and go, but phone dating services are sure to stay. It is a convenient and fast way to meet new people. But these services can only go as far as searching for somebody who might be fit for you. If you decide to move your relationship to the next level, then you have to work on it. Or it could be that you click really well in so far as phone conversations or texting, but not in real life. In other words, phone dating can be a great way to start. But if you want a lasting relationship with someone, you would have to meet and be with each other in the real world.

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