Review From a Customer’s Point of View

Customer’s Point of View. In my opinion, ANASTASIADATE is not who they say they are. The company promotes itself as a dating agency for Western men and East European women. In reality. They are cleverly crafted. Business based on the ‘old wild west’ saloon girl model. The modern bar girl or B-Girl model and the Japanese Chat Hostess Club model.

They are in business to extract as much money as possible from unsuspecting men who pay large sums of money for letters, chat, video chat, overpriced gifts, overpriced flowers, phone conversations, and romance tours thinking that the girl or girls that they have an online ‘relationship’ with really care about and ‘love’ them.

These girls are being paid to like you and are involved in multiple contests. Campaigns to win such prizes as a new car, vacations, Ipads, Iphones, computer tablets. And even CASH based on the amount of time that they spend in chat. Paul above WAS 100% correct. Until just a few days ago. You could access this site ( and it had laid out there all of the contests and winners for the last TWO years.

CLUB ANASTASIADATE – Customer’s Point of View

AnastasiaDate has since rebuilt and recrafted this site so that this information is no longer accessible to anyone that may happen to log on to this site. You must be a woman. Who is registered there? And belong to “CLUB ANASTASIA” Interestingly enough. Sometimes ANASTASIA calls these promotions contests, sometimes they call them competitions and sometimes they call them CAMPAIGNS. gives the meaning of CAMPAIGN as follows: noun 2. A systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose: A SALES CAMPAIGN. reviews,

Sometimes ANASTASIA does bring two people together to the point of marriage.  Then they heavily advertise this fact as though they were great facilitators of love. And happiness last year in 2012 according to FORTUNE magazine this company made $110,000,000.00! As a point of disclosure, I do not know if this was NET or GROSS. However, I don’t believe that they facilitated $110,000,000.00 worth of genuine love and romance.

My contention is that this company is based on deception, mendacity, and sleight of hand.  The majority of men use. This website is being manipulated. With false promises of love and happiness. While ANASTASIA the local agencies. The girls themselves are making a tidy profit from the man’s sincerity and gullibility. For a more lively discussion, you might go to Reviewopedia/AnastasiaDate International Experience and join in on the conversation.

Review From a Customer’s Point of View. As a point of disclosure, I am not a competitor of ANASTASIA, I am not a former employee, I am not a jilted lover seeking revenge, I am not against dating agencies as a whole and I was a customer of ANASTASIA. I even had some good experiences there interacting with some ‘genuine’ women there.

Let the buyer beware.



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