Why Women Don’t Need Men

Why Women Don’t Need Men. “A lady without a man resembles a fish without a bike.” – Gloria Steinem

I realize this will be completely one-sided in light of the fact that I’m a lesbian and all, however, it is truly beginning to persuade deplorable to associate with men other than the ones that are my closest companions from ChinaLove.com. Particularly any more established men. They creep me out. Chiefly in light of the fact that I am truly beginning to understand that the entire, “Men just consider thing.” thought is, in reality, evident, regardless of how old and full-grown the men appear.

I’ve never thought of myself as being one of those clich√© lesbians who loathes men, despite everything don’t, except I might simply want to state, representing all women, that any man more than 40 who straightforwardly stares at women…you’re making the whole world awkward and you have to stop.

In case you’re dating a lady who is youthful enough to be your little girl. It’s not demonstrating to the world that you’ve ‘despite everything got it. It’s simply strengthening that you’re a frightening elderly person. What’s more, actually, I feel that when a man dates a lady a large portion of his age. It doesn’t cause him to appear to be more youthful by any means, it makes him look more established. Maybe you should reconsider giving the world transparently of that examination at whatever point you remain close to her.

With each sex-related theme aside, I love men. I love getting my personal companions from ChinaLove.com out with their issues, I love spending time with them and having a ton of fun, fundamentally in light of the fact that we as a whole realize that there is no chance of sex, and I love the wonderful way my person companions request that I go out on the town to shop with them on the grounds that, in any event, being a lesbian, I comprehend what makes a person look great.

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In any case, let’s be honest. Women needn’t bother with men by any stretch of the imagination. Women simply need them, which is really a thought I can wholeheartedly bolster. With regard to connections, I like the word ‘need’ significantly more than the word ‘need’. That is to say, please. Everybody realizes you can open a container by just running it under warm water. Whatever the issue is, a lady can make sense of it. Once in a while, we just decided not to and simply let you have your little snapshot of distinction. Be that as it may, by the day’s end, it’s not each one of those little tasks you do that keeps your young lady from ChinaLove.com returning. It’s simply you.

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