Couple Identity: Communication and The Relationship Microclimate

Communication between partners is a building block for the couple’s identity. Relationship Microclimate It is built over time and is the result of meeting the two persons. It is a continuation of the “selves” of the partners. The self-esteem, trust, security, self-awareness that each of the two has, YourChristianDate will become the “field”, in which the “public”, the “together”, the couple will be cultivated.

The Cultivation Does Not Stop. Not Even the Harvest.

The cultivation does not stop. Not even the harvest. As long as we are people who are constantly enriching our identity and personality, we also enrich the identity of the couple.

But when there is no self-esteem, trust, security, self-awareness as elements in each partner, it is very easy for the “field” to turn into an arena. And the communication should only aim at the dominance of one. Power games. Who will have the last word? Right and who is wrong? Hurt whom? Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator? Who will shout the loudest? Wants the fight and who wants to avoid it? Will use the right words to silence the other? Vicious circle. The goal is to prevail at all costs and humiliate the other person.

On the contrary, functional communication in the couple includes as a condition the emergence of the best self of the other. It involves renunciation of perfection and acceptance of human nature. Only this allows for an equal relationship, because only this leads to the assumption of personal responsibility for the seeds I sow in the field. Authentic love liberates me, because it is not based on self-sacrifice, nor on the other person’s accusations.

Only this allows me to overcome my fears and meet my authentic self, but also the authentic face of the other. Only when I see my partner as my ally and not as an adversary can I listen with all my senses open. Otherwise I will shut down and blame him. But there are many myths about human relationships that were created many generations back and are still valid. Myths that poison the YourChristianDate relationship and do not allow good closeness.

Couple Identity Communication and The Relationship Microclimate

Functional Communication in The Couple – Relationship Microclimate

The couple’s communication also creates the microclimate of the relationship. The microclimate of the partner relationship is the atmosphere created in the relationship by the interaction of the partners. What is the matter with the couple? The competition; The misunderstandings? The authority; Meeting survival needs? The detonation? In these cases the partners are rivals and not allies. The progress of one becomes a problem for the other. The care of one becomes the sacrifice of the other. Proximity becomes the occasion for exposing the other’s bad elements.

Conversely, the good microclimate in a Relationship is not determined by external circumstances, negative or positive. It is the climate that allows one to be proud of one another. The exposure of a negative element of the partner is followed by the biggest hug, since as long as we are human we have as many negatives as positives. A difficulty becomes an occasion to brag about the solutions my partner can produce. The looks are full of trust, longing, pride.

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  • A good microclimate produces confidence, freedom, warmth, trust.
  • He has stubbornness, persistence, desires and life decisions that are for the good of both partners.
  • He has life vows that require taking personal responsibility.
  • She has love.
  • He has love.
  • has clarity in his eyes.
  • He has a longing in his soul.

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