THE SEARCH FOR YOUR LOVED ONE ONLINE. Give yourself time to think about what steps you have taken to reach your goal. For example, you started to learn a foreign language, collect information about life abroad. about the possibility of integrating in a new country, visit a fitness studio, and more.

Analyze search for your loved one online your experience of communicating with men, both in real life and on an international dating site. How open and positive are you in communication? Can a man feel your individuality in communication. or is each new contact limited to a “dry” exchange of biography facts? Think and make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Focus your attention on the merits. Develop and improve further in the direction of your merits.

The Man You See Next to You in The Future – SEARCH FOR YOUR LOVED ONE ONLINE

Think about the image of the ideal partner . Take a blank sheet of paper and write what kind of man you see next to you (in the present tense, as if he is already there, you have already found him). Describe his appearance, his positive qualities, and also describe the qualities that you do not like, but you could put up with them and live in harmony.

Describe the men you have already met, but something went wrong. What did you not like about their behavior? It is important to know that we mirror the people that fate sends us. How to understand it? It’s like looking in a mirror. You attract and receive what is present in you.


“The world around us is a mirror of our thoughts” Richard Bach.

For example, if you do not trust men, you will attract the same man who does not trust women. And what results can be expected from the communication of two distrustful people? At the root of the word mistrust is faith, that is in fact. there is a communication between a woman and a man who do not believe that you can find your soul mate without leaving your home, chatting on a dating site on the Internet. Thus, the chance to meet was missed.

Understand the importance of openness and trust in communication. At the same time, you can argue that your trust can be taken advantage of. There is a so-called system of “red signals” in communication, we will talk about it in the next paragraph. If the “signals light up”, then you need to stop communication and do not waste your time on this person.


For example:

you are asked to send intimate photos – this is a red signal, the relationship is not serious, they just want to use you in a sex game. justifying this by the fact that you are adults and you want to get to know each other better. No man with serious intentions would allow himself such a thing.

You started a conversation with a man whose behavior is completely contrary to your internal perception of the norms of communication – he ends the chat with you at his own discretion. without saying goodbye; obsessive with calls, not asking if you can talk to him at the moment, etc. – this is a “red signal” to end the conversation. With a large number of men with “red signals”, you need to think about what you are doing wrong.

Look at the photos of your profile on an international Dating Site with different eyes. In Eastern Europe, in order to attract attention, some of the dignity of the figure is clearly emphasized, for example, a beautiful bust – a deep neckline. For Western European men, on the one hand, this causes admiration and admiration, and on the other hand, it looks defiant and leads to certain thoughts that you are specifically creating such an image in order to provoke men. Create a different look in your photos. German men, for example, are very fond of the romantic image of a Russian beauty.

You yourself set the degree of comfort of communication and the boundaries of permissibility. Pay attention to these boundaries. And remind yourself of the purpose of your communication on an international dating site triptogether.

Your present is the result of your past thoughts. Pay attention to your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and reactions now, this minute, this day. In the present moment. It is with them that you are now shaping your future.“ Everything starts with thoughts, create happiness in your head and it will definitely become a reality” author unknown.

Develop the habit of thinking positively and being happy. Turn any negative event into a positive, find the positive in the negative!

“Cultivate an idiotic habit of rejoicing in failure” Vadim Zeeland.

If you do not match with the man you like, then there is potential for self-improvement! Pay attention to how people react to you – do they want to communicate? Do you attract them with your smile? It’s all the light that comes from you.

Think about it, are you too critical of every new man who wants to meet you? Is this the norm for you? Watch the expression of your face when communicating, if it expresses indifference, radiates coldness. Then how will you know what kind of person is in front of you, what spiritual qualities he possesses?! A man simply does not want to open up for you, because he is sure of your disinterest in getting to know him. And you may miss the chance to see a person with different eyes, to feel his reliability, his desire to do things for you.

The process of communication on an international dating site is triptogether review a multifaceted phenomenon and requires constant analysis and correction of one’s actions, deepening knowledge in the field of successful and effective communication. We suggest that you analyze your actions every 2-3 months, thereby increasing your chances of success.

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