How Long Do You Have to Wait to Take The First Step?

Take the first step is always less obvious whether in love or other circumstances. Despite the fear of getting started, you still have to jump into the water. But, do you have to prepare or start right away? In fact, it does not require any preparation. You just have to know how to pick up the signs to avoid wasting time with a person who will certainly reject you.

What Does it Mean to “Take The First Step”?

“  Take the first step  ” or “  break the ice  ” simply means “take the initiative”. However, in seduction this initiative depends entirely on the situation in which the person finds himself.

Moreover, its meaning in terms of seduction can be different for everyone. For some people, that means “  approaching someone you like to get to know them  ”. For others, it means kissing the person or being the first person to approach them or revealing their feelings . Know that all of these definitions are true.

In fact, the concept is much broader, it is a question of taking a first step SharekAlomre towards a future love story. Approaching a girl is already a first step in getting her phone number. Sending the first text is also a first step towards a future date . And kissing the person for the first time is a first step towards a love story.

Even deciding to find love on the internet is already a first step. You decide to go to people and then seduce the one you like.

Taking the First Step: The Pros and Cons

Decision-making must be done without fear . In fact, it must be overcome, but not considered as a brake on the first step. It is normal to fear rejection , yet it is a big step towards personal development.

If the person you like says “no”, it means that they are not yet the right person. By getting a refusal, you can better face the next ones, because in love there are always winners and losers. It is thus necessary to be a good loser and to continue to recover. This is why it is important to overcome shyness, whether in seduction or in other situations.

Good Reasons to Take The First Step

These few points make it possible to determine the good reasons to take action. The first is being able to seize your chance and this is very important. You avoid passing by a person you like without having spoken to them.

In the second point, you fight against your shyness . To fight fear, you must learn to face it. It is then necessary to launch even if you fear the continuation of the history. In truth, rejection can become an engine to increase your self-esteem. Experience teaches you what to do and what not to do in seduction.

Aimed especially at women: many men like assertive women who dare to take the first step. Indeed, some men (shy, lacking in self-confidence…) prefer to be approached rather than approaching you first. When the opportunity arises, you can go for it, the man you like may be someone who is quite reserved.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Take The First Step

A Reason to Avoid Taking The First Step

The most glaring reason is the refusal to move things quickly, to force them. Indeed, in seduction and in love, everyone waits for alchemy to do its job. In the case where you start, it may happen that the other person or yourself have an impression of artifice. The Relationship you have with her is more or less fake.

How Long to Wait Before Starting?

To avoid being overcome by fear, it is better to take the first step as soon as the opportunity presents itself to you . There is no need to wait too long , because your feelings may grow, but your courage also gradually disappears.

Especially since waiting makes you think of multiple possible SharekAlomre.Com approach tactics. You then end up with no seduction technique, because you have a hard time deciding which one to use.

While waiting, many questions may come to mind. You ask yourself “what to say? Will I please him? How’s my breath? Am I well dressed? and, etc You can also begin to idealise the person: “he/she is too handsome, I feel intimidated. I’m shaking, no, I don’t want to go…”

The “three second” technique that many men know can be very helpful. Count “1, 2, 3” and go for it, before the questions overwhelm you. You have to go there as soon as you feel it.

Who Should take the First Step, the Man or the Woman?

Currently, whether you are a man or a woman, you have the right to flirt, charm and seduce the person you like . From yesteryear, the idea that it is men who must take the first step has been anchored in all cultures. Women are now free to make a decision and avoid waiting for men to make it for them.

However, many men are still shocked by the fact that it is the woman who makes the first move towards them. Generally, men are okay with women doing it, but they want them to do it first .

In women, taking the first step can also be frowned upon. Some of them prefer that the man asserts himself and takes the first step. Besides, everyone has their own opinion.

The Rules to Follow to Take the First step

If you are determined to take the first step the next time you see the person you like, here are some tips:

Avoid pushing each other Despite all the differences between them, men and women have some things in common, especially in terms of seduction. Indeed, everyone depreciates proposals that are too direct . On the part of a man, it is heavy , while on the part of a woman, it is too vulgar .

Rushing things is not the answer to getting picked quickly. This can on the contrary disadvantage the approach. Particularly for seductive women , men must also be left with the illusion of having the situation in hand. You have to remember that men have long been immersed in the culture of the stronger sex. The ego is part of the nature of these gentlemen, they need it to gain in virility.

be subtle

“Making the first move” does not make a person dominant or predatory. Especially since the man like the woman despises the fact of being considered as an object or a prey.

However, when you are the one who approaches first, you tend to dominate the space for fear of losing the other . This is especially for women who often invent excuses to be accompanied… You also have to be careful not to invade the other person with text messages.

Getting started should allow you to move things forward a little between you . This must in no case imply confinement , at the risk of scaring him away . In truth, a simple smile, a look and a confession can be enough to let him know that you are interested.

To add to that, have confidence in yourself and be a good player . Without it, you can lack subtlety and lose your pride in it. Avoid lingering or insisting, know how to read the little signals that the person sends back to you.

Subtlety and mystery: assets of seduction

“First step” rhymes with ”  first impression  “, the way you proceed will then demonstrate the reaction of the person you intend to seduce. Moreover, making a good impression does not mean revealing your whole personality or creating another one. It is necessary to keep mystery to create the desire to see you again to know you more

The secret to successfully seducing is to be sincere and mysterious at the same time. Indeed, it awakens feelings and curiosity of the other.


Assume the risk of rejection

It’s hard to admit it, but love is like a game . When you seduce and you succeed in conquering the person, you win. If, on the contrary, you get a refusal, you lose. Similarly, if you get rejected after some time in a relationship, you are also a loser.

You have to forget to believe that the best seducers always win . Also avoid believing that the more you practice, the less you will get rejected. Decreasing your failures as you go is not the right way to progress in seduction. In reality, you simply have to increase your qualities and your successes. If you never get rejected, there’s a problem. Either you never take risks, or you are in a relationship.

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