Why is there Still no Solution for Dating by Interests Singles Near Me?

That article caused a stir, Interests Singles Near Me, they wrote to me in a personal with offers of cooperation. Offered advice and support, threw off cases of unsuccessful projects – there was empathy, because. The opportunity to get acquainted by interests is a really important and necessary. Story for residents of large and medium cities. Over the past year, Yandex has rolled out Aura. Which does not seem to have taken off. VK released Lovina. Who was in for the same fate. Facebook is testing a Dating section. But in the meantime, Tinder is confidently taking. The TOP ranking of applications in which people leave the most money (you can find the links yourself).

Why is dating so important to me?

Getting to know each other is a basic need of people, the LetmeDate same as eating, and this need will not dry up, the trend will not disappear. Rather, on the contrary, the relevance is increasing, because people are more and more hanging out at monitors, staying late at work, communicating less with like-minded people, and depressive syndromes are becoming more common.

As a hobby, I host a speed dating party once a week . It differs from the classic format in that it is partly dating for flirting and relationships, and on the other hand, networking. Here, IT people meet esoteric girls, entrepreneurs meet creative people, athletes meet vegetarians. Participants get to know each other in a meditation position on the floor, contacts can be exchanged immediately and Interests Singles Near Me there is no guarantee that everyone will get a pair. All this happens in a pleasant loft for tea, not in a restaurant. In the summer it’s just a party in the park.

A Speed Dating

I am extremely surprised that there is still no such solution, thanks to which I can meet a cyclist every day and go for a ride in the Moscow region. Or find someone who walks in the park next to me and is also not averse to communication. It seems obvious to me that there should be an application where you can find people of similar interests, conceive with them and, possibly, invite them somewhere.

Of course, there are micro-services where you can invite to an event or play sports. But this model is too complex and not scalable.  Are services for online dating, but people have enough online at work, where the monitor is already sick of it. There are social networks, but they are a big dump where there is a bunch of everything and you can get lost. There is Tinder, but all similar services are not designed to search for people by interests.

Why is there Still no Solution for Dating by Interests Singles Near Me

My guess is why this is happening. – Interests Singles Near Me

Large companies such as VK and Yandex are not at all profitable for people to find each other and communicate outside of their platforms. The longer the user spends in the app and interacts online, the better. But if, for example, I find another person of interest, write him a welcome message, LetmeDate.Com then we will move on to communicate, for example, in Whatsapp, and after that we will meet, then the interaction with the service will be insignificant.

This is such a basic reason, but, of course, there are many others – such a solution will be complex and expensive, its payback is not expected immediately, most entrepreneurs do not understand the need for a service.

Why do I believe that the service of dating by interests will be profitable and successful

Of course, not immediately. It may be part of another larger project. For example, my speed dating parties are part of my blogging activity, where I invite people who come to the meeting to join other destinations. Here I find friends and useful acquaintances. In general, dating advertising is not expensive, because it causes genuine interest in social networks.  And most importantly, it is a need! Most of my acquaintances dream of building harmonious relationships based on common interests and values, but cannot find the right person. Most people prefer to spend time in the company of like-minded people and those who share the same values.

It is not difficult to sign up for a circle, a section, a conference, a training course. This is how most people find like-minded people to communicate with. But not everyone at the event is interested in new acquaintances. Dating is especially difficult for introverts. And every year it will be more difficult, because the dependence on gadgets is getting stronger.

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Expectations for the future – Interests Singles Near Me

I expect that in the near future some initiative people will start developing a dating service by interests. At a minimum, I will actively use and recommend to others. As a maximum, I will join as a partner. If there are like-minded people, I am ready to take on the development of the project from scratch. The site vc.ru is valuable for the activity of the audience, write feedback on the topic in the comments and in a personal message. If you know similar solutions, I will be glad to learn new projects. Write who wants to participate in Tinder import substitution. Tell us about your experience, how you met and what you achieved.

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