The Meaning And Role Of Stereotypes in Communication Men Seeking Men

Acquaintance and relations with Communication Men Seeking Men a foreigner is a process. That requires investment of your time in new knowledge:

  • studying of foreign language;
  • overcoming gender and age stereotypes of thinking typical for Eastern European society;
  • understanding and accepting differences in the way you think and the way your partner thinks;
  • learning and understanding your partner’s values ​​and priorities.

Most women who register on an international dating site do not think about it. Their attention is paid to good photos, filling in. The text of their profile and the time of Lovinga.Com viewing male profiles. They do not think about the fact that something in. Their heads interferes with the process of acquaintance and communication, leads to wrong sudden conclusions in communication, hanging “labels”, restrictions in. The ways of communication, expressing themselves, in some standard patterned behavior established by the framework of stereotypes of thinking .

In this article, we want to reveal the concept and meaning of stereotypes of thinking and consider ways to weaken their influence.

What is a stereotype of thinking?

These are the norms, laws, customs, traditions of society, its prejudices, it is the replacement of. The thought process with certain clichés and behavioral patterns.

This is a kind of picture of the world in a person’s head. Where roles are fixed, for example, men and women, in order to protect certain values.

This is a distorted picture of reality, prescribed by society, pursuing certain goals.

It is like a stigma in the mind, inhibiting a different vision of the world. Other ideas and influencing the way of thinking and actions of its owner.

These are a kind of “blinders on the eyes” that prevent us from seeing something new, unusual, radically different from our ideas, from feeling. And feeling ourselves in a different dimension, free from. The roles imposed by society and public opinion.

Meaning And Role Of Stereotypes in Communication Men Seeking Men

How Stereotypes are Born – Communication Men Seeking Men

Usually, they are born in a family or in a separate group of people connected by professional activities or common interests. The emotional component of his attitude to any event, phenomenon. Object is superimposed on a certain level of knowledge of an individual. Lovinga The social stereotype is formed from childhood. Namely, the family creates stable attitudes. A kind of picture of the world, consisting of the interests, desires, interpretations of events and habits of the individual.

The meaning of stereotyping is to present a complex phenomenon in a simplified form, in a simple and understandable way.

Summing up the intermediate result, we can say that the stereotype reflects the peculiarities of the perception of the world and simplifies the process of understanding reality.

The purpose of stereotypes is to free the brain from unnecessary thoughts, to limit its mental activity, to create boundaries of perception that lead to standard thinking.

The function of stereotypes is to simplify thinking.

A positive property of stereotypes is that they allow you to make decisions quickly.

Stereotypes always have a hidden meaning.

The stereotype is usually expressed using speech stamps.

Classification of stereotypes

By level of formation:

    • formed by the person himself (based on his experience of activity, communication, etc. “Women always use me …”, “women only want my money from me”). The stereotype becomes reality. The person has pre-programmed himself for the result.
    • imposed by society: “a woman can only be happy in a family, happy Dating in love with her husband and children”, “a woman who is successful in her career cannot be happy in her personal life”.

According to the degree of impact on the individual:

    • useful (true) stereotypes – convey certain knowledge for solving problems. Help a person to make a choice and make a decision. “Elders must be respected”, “neighbors must be helped”.
    • harmful (false) stereotypes – direct our behavior, program us to destroy communication, mutual understanding that has not yet been established. “If he is a real man, then he should be imbued with my situation and help me financially …”, “I spend MY money to be beautiful for him …”. A beautiful woman makes herself for herself, to feel like a queen. And the man only reads her image …

By groups of people involved in the process:

By level of education.

For communication on an international dating site, gender, age and, oddly enough, professional stereotypes play a special role (about a person working with his hands in Eastern Europe – one idea, in Germany – another. Compared to the countries of Eastern Europe in Germany, artisans have a good income) .

Gender Stereotype – Communication Men Seeking Men

These are certain ideas about the role of men and women in the social hierarchy, their activities, behavioral aspects in certain situations. They define what femininity and masculinity are. These stereotypes are form by society. This is the division by the majority of the idea of ​​the differences in the personal qualities of men and women, the peculiarities of their behavior in the roles imposed by society.

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This stereotype has become so entrenched in the minds (a man plays his social role, a woman plays hers) that it excludes gender equality. There is gender equality in Germany. It manifests itself in many aspects of life. A man does housework and does not think that this is not his role, not his hierarchy. The woman is making a career. Even under the law, a man, on an equal footing with a woman, has the right to paid leave to care for a newborn child.

One of the most common gender stereotypes is that a woman cannot think, cannot govern a country, handle technology, and drive a car well.

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