Online Dating apps have opened up a whole new world of potential partners, but sometimes it takes cutting out a few connections to find the perfect match. That’s why watching out for online dating red flags is so important. It saves you time and helps you find love faster.

Of Americans who date online, 71 percent report that they believe lying is prevalent on dating apps. But whether the lie is as widespread as some believe, we can all agree that there are definitely some users who embellish. Take a look at our top six online dating red flags to steer clear of anything but reality.

Pay attention to these online dating red flags.

They have a lot of things they shouldn’t do, but not a lot of positive things on their profiles.

Swipe through potential matches and find a profile full of strict rules that dictate what they don’t want their partners to do? Maybe you should move on.

Of course it’s okay to talk about your limits, but there’s a big difference between having standards and being controlling. You just connected with this person, your conversation should be calm and natural.

Going into romance with a checklist is an online dating red flag for someone with a negative outlook. They may have been burned on Dating apps before, but that doesn’t mean they can try to control you or any of their other dates later.

They have nothing on their Online Dating profile.

While you don’t want someone who is completely negative on their profile, you also don’t want to say yes to someone who has nothing on their profile. Your profile is where you put your best foot forward.

Here, people should attract you. Think of it like a sales pitch: if a colleague didn’t put in the effort to sell your idea, would you be successful? The answer is no.

People who don’t write anything on their profile are displaying a lackadaisical approach. We’re not saying your profile has to be perfect, but you should find it interesting. Here are some tips on how to create a successful profile.


The names of the pets appear in the first messages.

If you’ve just met someone on a dating app and, just two messages into your introduction, they call you “babe,” you’re seeing an online dating red flag right away. flirtwith

While some people enjoy cute pet names, others find them patronizing. They are terms that are best used once a couple is more comfortable with each other, and the person using the pet name feels confident that her partner likes to hear it.

But at such an early point in a courtship, the person using the name has no idea if the other person enjoys it, and doesn’t really care. In this case, it is a word of convenience. They can use it for any of their matches. You should focus on the connections that are interested in you.

They are not smiling in any of their Online Dating photos.

One of the biggest goals of dating app profiles is to make yourself accessible. You want to have a description that is enticing and opens the door to talk and connect about mutual desires and interests.

You also want to include images that spark conversation. Those that make someone who is looking at them feel like they can comfortably talk to you.

Studies show that smiling actually makes a person look more attractive. If the profile you’re looking at doesn’t make you feel comfortable, maybe mark it as a red flag.

Your photos and messages are too sexual.

There’s no shame in a little sexting, but that should happen once you and your partner have bonded a bit. Ideally, it should be even after you’ve had a real date or two. If you match up with someone and their first reaction is to send you explicit photos and messages, that’s a severe red flag for online dating.

If you’re looking for a fast connection, then maybe this is fine. But if you’re looking for something serious and long-term, consider moving on to another match.

The bottom line is that you should always feel comfortable with the content you receive. Remember, this intro may be online, but it still says a lot about your character. If someone sends you something that feels inappropriate, chances are they’re not “the one.”

They don’t want to meet in person and find reasons not to do so every time you ask them.

The point of online dating is to take that online connection and turn it into a real life one, right? Well, not always. Unfortunately, there are some people who use dating apps just for fun and rack up matches without wanting to bring them into the real world. flirtwith.com

If you’ve been talking to someone for a while and he makes excuses every time you want to meet him face-to-face, you might want to cut your losses. Most likely, they are not there to find a long-term partner if they are not up for a real date.

Online dating doesn’t have to be a minefield. Sure, you’re going to have bad matches, but that’s just the reality. Bad dates happen in real life too. But the truth is, most people aren’t into online dating to play games, they’re looking for love. So pay attention to these online dating red flags and make finding your other half a little easier.

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